Lounge Review: The Pier First Class Lounge, HK Airport

Ok I’m back and with more time! A whole 1.5 hours to spend in luxurious ridiculousness! As I enter I make a beeline straight to the spa where I book myself a 15 min head and shoulder massage (check) and then dash to the large fine dining restaurant with extensive A La Carte menu (check). I order a glass of Moet Vintage Rose Champagne to go with my Herb Seared tuna Starter, followed by a main of Beef Ribs (splendid), and end with the most delectable Chocolate Mousse I have ever had. Oh and another glass of Moet and double espresso with steamed milk on the side.

After my self-rated Michelin-star dining experience, I kill a bit of time before my massage with a shower in the large Aesop-product filled shower-rooms and relax my muscles under the hot water – in preparation for the flight ahead.

The massage is the final pit stop in the lounge before boarding and it is a wonderful way to finish a wonderful experience.

TIP: Now how did I get to enter on a Discount Economy Cathay Pacific ticket?

In my previous job I used to fly Business Class on Malaysian Airlines quite a bit and after a year I got Emerald Status with Qantas (!?) – a OneWorld alliance member. Once an Emerald member, you can enter 1st class lounges at any OneWorld partner lounge as long as you are flying a OneWorld member airline in ANY class! It’s that easy!

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