Hotel Review: Novotel Lombok

The resort itself is set on a beautifully maintained stretch of beau near Kuta (Lombok’s Kuta, not Bali).

Upon check-in we are upgraded to a pool villa as my partner is a Platinum LeClub Accor member. The room is small than expected, the bathroom larger than average without bathtub, and the outdoor pool and garden area quaint.
Shortly after arriving and making our way to the beach, I decide I want to come back. The beach is gorgeous, the view beyond is spectacular, and the smiles and welcome from the staff lovely. 
By the end of our 2 night, 3 day stay, I re-decide I won’t be coming back. To Lombok yes, but not this resort. Although the Novotel is lovely on the outset, on closer inspection, there are a number of issues that need to be rectified. Such as the smell of sewerage in the bathroom after a shower. And the lack of any hot water. The slow slow service of food and drinks at the restaurant and room service, and overall lax attitude of some of the staff. Part of the package we purchase includes a 75 min ‘hair spa’ which ends promptly after 50 mins. I order a Banana Rama at the bar only to be told 10 mins later that there are no more bananas. Same thing happens at breakfast when I ask for pineapple juice to be included in my mixed juice only to be told they have run out of pineapple. ‘First World’ problems I know, but this is a Novotel, not a ‘no-brand’ budget resort.
There are many positives. The 60 min massage included in our package is good. So good that we bought a 90 min massage the following day. The Activity Desk staff by the beach are super friendly. There are plenty of free activities offered, such as a Sunset tour, trip to Kuta markets, outdoor movies each evening, water aerobics, and various arts and crafts. The infinity pool is also lovely.
Breakfast, also included, is OK. Lots of variety but the service from the staff hit and miss. Coffee doesn’t come. Request for a table to be cleaned takes much longer than it should. The fresh juice….(mentioned that earlier).
So in summary, the resort is located in a lovely part of the island. Truly beautiful. But I personally would try a different place next time

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