Flight Review: MI124 – SIN – LOM

For some reason we need to take a bus from the gate to the plane. Haven’t done that for a while. Once on board, I find myself sitting a little further back than usual in 15F, an Economy window seat on this Airbus A320 aircraft. 

Although no fault of the airline, there is a queue to take-off and we are waiting in line for about 25 mins before finally leaving the ground.

The flight attendants are very friendly and start the service with a wet towelette. This is soon followed by either a Western or Asian breakfast (I go for the latter).
Most of the flight is spent watching the SilkAir Studio system that wirelessly transmits entertainment to your smart device. I complete a Taiwanese movie I hadn’t finished watching a few weeks earlier on another flight, and start a new Korean movie which I hope to finish on the return leg.
I also happen to have a $10 discount voucher for in-flight duty free as part of a Mother’s Day promotion finishing at the end of the month so purchase a $20 SilkAir foldable umbrella for a bargain $10!
We land slightly later than schedule due to congestion leaving Changi.
Rating: 8/10

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