Hotel Review: Naoshima Tsutsujiso

One of the most unique accommodations I have stayed in, Naoshima Tsutsujiso has a number of different choices ranging from Caravan, Tatami room, and Monogolian Tent – the latter in which I stayed.

The tents comprise of 4 single beds surrounding a simple table and 4 chairs in the centre.

Being the beginning of Spring, and located right on the beach, the nights are freezing and each tent has its own oil heater. Unfortunately the one in my tent is not working well and I wake up a number of times in the middle of the night frozen.

The amenities are sparse – common toilet blocks and pay-per-use showers.

Breakfast, also an additional cost, is simple with a choice of either Western or Japanese style.

Recommended for backpackers who want something different or those that want a ‘back to nature’ experience.

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