Flight Review: UL557 – CMB – FRA

My partner takes the coveted seat 1A so I take 1C – still the first row in Business class 🙂
Pre take-off drink is another Piperand I am reminded as it is served that I pre-ordered Lamb loin as my main – which I am glad I did as  there is nothing I particularly fancy in the menu. 

Unfortunately my AV screen is not showing the full selection of titles that my partner has and after trying to reboot the system a couple of times the lead Steward concedes there is nothing that can be done. Not a problem, there is still a solid selection and I watch a few titles.
Canapés are lovely – 3 small delectable morsels of delicious stuff, followed by my lamb main, breads, dessert, cheese, coffee and more wine.




 After a few hours and a comfortable sleep, the second meal service comes around and I forgot I had pre-ordered a mix grill. I’m not that hungry but manage to finish most of it. The Pumpkin soup with large garlic croutons is particularly delicious.

 I fall asleep again for about 2 or 3 hours in the fully flat bed position before the announcement that we are soon to land wakes me up.
 I feel remarkably refreshed (and full) after a 10 hour flight!
Rating: 9/10

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