Lounge Review: Sats Premier Lounge, Changi T1

I jumped into my Uber and cursed myself when I realized I left both my ANZ Travel card and Krisflyer Amex card at home – both my golden tickets to lounge access at the airport when not flying OneWorld or SQ.

Luckily my partner was carrying not only the card but 2 vouchers as well so we could both enter together.

This oasis is next to the BA Lounge (currently closed for renovation) and across from my favorite Qantas Lounge. 

 After handing over the correct collateral we find a quiet spot in the somewhat empty lounge and drop out bags before heading to the buffet. I go for the buttery mash and beef stew, a glass of Melbec, and finish off with the ‘healthy cake’ menu – a pear cake of sorts and a coffee.

No music, little ambience, but quiet and isolated from the public holiday throng.

Oh, and there is a row of massage chairs which I don’t end up using 🙂


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