Flight Review: SQ 175 -HAN – SIN

Plane is half empty on this 3 hour flight and am lucky to get a whole bulkhead row to myself – row 31, the first row behind Business Class.

After the hot towel service comes around we are offered alcoholic and soft drinks on a tray which is something I don’t remember seeing on SQ in a while. Probably because it is slightly longer than my recent intra-Asian flights I have been taking for the past few weeks.

I don’t know if it because I am now Krisflyer Silver or not but the head flight attendant in her red dress comes and personally welcomes me by name,
I guess to make sure all is OK.

My Kosher meal is the same as always except the main is Chicken instead of Salmon. I request for it to come on a normal tray which they happily oblige to, as it always comes in the pre-packaged folding plastic holder that is hard to Maneuver. I enjoy a beer, glass of red (I add the fruit in syrup and make a Sangria!), and a Baileys straight which I add to my coffee.

I watch a movie and sleep for an hour or so.

Good flight for once on SQ economy.

Rating: 8/10




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