Flight Review: QF6 – SIN – SYD

Service is excruciatingly slow….
The flight is delayed for an hour due to an electrical fault, and then once we board, it is another 2 hours before supper arrives – a simple toasted chicken schnitzel and Swiss cheese toasted focaccia which incidentally has that ‘frozen’ taste like it has been heated up from the freezer.

Exhausted, I hope sleep reasonably peacefully on the *almost* fully-flat Business Class bed.

But my hope doesn’t turn out to be a

In the seat next to me are 3 kids who
are up all night – switching the lights on and off, and alternately screaming and crying on an ongoing basis. The parents seem to be oblivious and the crew lightly dance around the issue.

Breakfast is a haphazard choice of a cranberry muffin, fruit salad, it ham and cheese croissant. I’m hungry and ask for all 3 which is returned with an inquisitive look from the attendant. They all seem to have this ‘attitude’ chip on their shoulders and treat you as if it should be a privilege to be flying with them.

It is remarkable how different this flight is from my SQ Business class flight a few days ago.

So in summary, cash fare plus 50K points for this business class one way flight? A big mistake. Have learnt my lesson and will never use points for an upgrade with Qantas again.

Rating: 2/10





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