Flight Review: 9W0019 – SIN – DEL

This is my first experience flying Jet Air – an Indian airline with quite a good reputation.

I am towards the back of the plane in seat 26C – an aisle in a 3×3 configuration.

Thankfully each seat has it’s own personal video screen so I am able to watch a few movies on this longer than expected 5 hour flight.

The meal is delicious – I have a choice of ‘omelette’ or ‘vegetarian’ – and I go for the latter which is an Indian creamy Dahl dish and a….actually I have no idea what it is but it is delicious.

A couple of hours later a snack service comes which is basically a drink and an Indian snack.

For the first time in around 25 years the plane is sprayed just prior to landing with what I assume is a pesticide – we used to have this prior to landing in Australia but it stopped many years ago. It stinks!

All in all a very good flight!

Rating: 8.5/10








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