LAN Chile flight review SYD – AUK

If you are ever flying LAN Chile from Syd To Santiago on their Airbus 340-300 in economy, make sure you request bulkhead seat number 12H as the cabin is configured in such a way that there is no seat or bulkhead ‘wall’ in front of you, giving you ample leg room. See for more info. Flight itself was very pleasant; probably about 70% full in economy and about 40% in Business. Although I asked for an upgrade at the business check-in counter I was refused… From where I was sitting – one row behind business, I could see the ‘Shell’ seats of business class were of a very generous size and I am sure they were lie-flat beds as well (see pic below). My economy seat (12H) was very comfortable with more than ample leg room) and generous recline – definitely no complaints. Each seat had it’s own individual screen with a limited selection of movies, tv shows, and music from the ‘in premier’ guide. Having already seen all the movies on offer on other flights, I opted to catch up of TV shows on my iPad.
Food: Surprisingly delicious – meat and cheese croissant, juice, fruit, coffee. Will fly with LAN again!



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