Qantas Business Class Lounge, Sydney International Airport,

Gave myself ample time arriving at 7.45am for an 8.30am boarding on LAN Chile flight LA800 to San Tiago via Auckland – where sadly my trip ends 🙂
Above average selection of hot and cold buffet items. Being this early I go for the banana smoothie, Bircher muesli with poached prunes, and hot items including baked beans, scrambled (?) eggs, and a chicken sausage. Very empty lounge today – there seems to be more people going into the First class lounge – lucky QFF Platinums!! About to get a barista-made coffee before boarding for my flight. I had better take advantage of all that’s on offer as my QFF Gold status ends at the end of November…unless I am lucky ad get that email stating, “Dear Mr xxx, as a valued customer of Qantas, we would live to extend your status for another year…” – but I highly doubt this will happen……fingers crossed!!



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