Flight Review: BR076 – AMS – TPE (Via BKK)

The 2-leg flight sees me flying from Amsterdam to Taipei (via a short refuel stopover in Bangkok) in Business Class seat 5K, a single window seat, on this B777-300ER Eva Airlines aircraft.

The plane takes-off on time at around 9.20pm and as soon as I sit down a flight attendant confirms my pre-selected meal and offers me a pre-departure drink (water for me) and a wet towel.

After take-off pajamas, slippers, amenity kit are handed out and the meal service begins. I have ordered cod fish which is great, and it comes with lots of tasty bits and pieces. No alcohol for me.

After dinner, I go to the bathroom to clean my teeth and when I get back to my seat, it has been made up for bed – so I take this as a hint and manage to sleep uninterrupted for about 7 hours. Amazing!

I wake up to the sound of breakfast and try the Western egg and sausage choice. It’s ok and comes with fruit, yogurt, cereal, and coffee.

Prior to landing in Bangkok, I watch an episode of White Lotus season 2.

The next leg of this flight from Bangkok to Taipei is equally as nice. I order an ‘Amber Dream’ mocktail for post take-off and enjoy this with some nuts.

It’s a bit cold in the cabin on this leg / there are no blankets or pajamas or amenity kits either.

Anyhow dinner is served and mine is a seafood noodle in black bean sauce. It’s good. Dessert follows and is a cheese piece, small chocolate, and fruit which I have with a decaf coffee.

I finish season 2 of White Lotus and take a nap for the remainder of the flight.

Rating: 9/10

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