Flight Review: 3K246 – DPS – SIN

On this return trip back home to Singapore, I am flying on a Jetstar Airbus A320 aircraft in window seat 17A. A very different experience from my KLM business class flight over, but at the end of the day it gets me from point A to B (just a little, no, a lot less comfortably 😉).

As this is a Low Cost Carrier (LCC) nothing except the narrow seat and narrower footroom is included, so luckily I ate a Nasi Campur at the airport for less than a Jetstar crappy dinner box would be.

I have downloaded a few items from Netflix on my iPad and decide on watching a Korean action movie, ‘Pandora’. Its quite good and the perfect length for the just over 2-hour flight.

The only ‘eventful’ thing that happens on this flight is half a bottle of water spilling all over my pants when I unscrew the lid. It’s the air pressure. And to think I would have learned that one by now…..

Rating: 7/10

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