Flight Review: UP211 – NAS – HAV

Seat 1A

I am sitting in lucrative seat 1A on the Bahamas Air Boeing 737-500 bound for Cuba.
This is a very old aircraft, complete with cigarette ashtrays and old school light push buttons!

We put our bags in the overhead compartment and a flight attendant comes over, points to a bag, and says, “You can’t have this bag here” with such attitude it makes me laugh (apparently it is blocking something). We quickly shift it ever so slightly.

I am totally (and pleasantly) surprised to see that there is an inflight WiFi entertainment system with a small selection of the latest movies and TV shows. But as the flight is only 47 mins I don’t bother to watch anything.

Shortly after the flight takes off we are offered a drink and cake. I didn’t expect anything and as I have already eaten in the lounge I pack it in my bag for later.

We land about 30 mins before scheduled arrival.

Rating: 9/10

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