Flight Review: AC 0126 – YVR – YYZ

I am sitting in aisle seat 41K, an aisle seat on this Air Canada Boeing 777-300 ER flight bound for Toronto. The thing I notice is how cold the cabin is. It is a red-eye flight, just under 4 hours, but miraculously, perhaps due to the time of the evening, and the generous leg-room, I manage to sleep about 2.5 hours.

The seat is fairly comfortable for economy class, and as mentioned has above-average legroom (even when the seat in front of me comes back). There is also an AV screen with a number of channels and I watch a Canadian coming-of-age Indie film called, “Giant Little Ones” which is quite good.

This flight has been purchased using miles redemption from Avianca’s Lifemiles, and I have to pay an additional $30 for baggage which is not a big deal (3 pieces for 2 pax on 2 flights) and there is no meal included (apparently Air Canada does not provide meals for free on Domestic flights but there is a menu to purchase if so desired).

We land on time at 5.40 am.

Rating: 7/10

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