Lounge Review: DNATA Lounge, Changi T3

It is my first time in this lounge at T3 (usually I go to the one in T2). It is much smaller, and serviced by just one staff member at front and what seems like one on the floor.

The lady checking me in is very unfriendly and I ask if she is having a bad day. She soon changes her attitude but first impressions…..

I find a spot by the window with views to the tarmac. It is quite cold in here and put on my jacket then make my way to the buffet.

I help myself to a beef stroganoff-type main with mashed potato, some chicken, a carrot and pumpkin turmeric salad, and a glass of Sav Blanc.

The dedicated WiFi is not strong so log onto Changi Airport WiFi for better connection to watch an episode of a new Korean DRAMA I am now watching.

I make a coffee but the machine seems to be broken. Desperately wanting a coffee I leave this lounge after about 45 mins and go across the hallway to the SATS lounge to try my luck there.

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