Flight Review: CZ8325 – SZX – BKK

I am sitting far back in aisle seat 51C, on this China Southern Airlines Airbus A321 flight bound for Bangkok. I was told at check-in that it would be an Emergency Exit seat but alas it is not. Luckily though, there is no-one next to me so I have a bit more room. The legroom on this flight is quite generous – more so than what Thai and SQ offers it’s economy passengers (81cm vs. 79cm if I’m not wrong).

Shortly after take-off a drink service comes around and I am given a tiny glass of white. The meal follows next and the only option is beef noodles. Being so far back the other choice had finished. But the ‘beef is more delicious’, the flight attendant tells me. So I am in luck as it turns out. And actually it’s not too bad. This comes generously with a banana, yogurt, and croissant with strawberry jam. And another tiny glass of red.

There is again no inflight entertainment so I watch an episode of the Korean drama ‘Good Doctor’ on my iPad.

Service is friendly yet efficient, and we land on time.

Rating: 7/10

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