Flight Review: CZ8324 – BKK – SZX

I am sitting in seat 31H, an aisle seat, in the first row of Economy on this China Southern Airlines Airbus A321 aircraft bound for Shenzhen.

The cabin is clean but notice towards the end of the flight the toilets are pretty gross in a number of ways….there is also a very suspicious smell of cigarette smoke throughout the flight.

My seat has additional legroom being a bulkhead seat but that’s about it. Minimal recline, and no AV screen or plugs to charge appliances. But I have my iPad so I’m covered.

Nonetheless service is wonderful from start to finish – lovely, smiling flight attendants speaking excellent English.

Meal service comes around 20 mins after take-off and I forget I have pre-ordered a Hindu Meal. Its nothing fancy and I’m not really hungry anyway.

Surprisingly not only do we take-off before scheduled departure time, but we land early as well. Pretty impressive considering the plane is nearly 100% full.

But it’s a bus from the plane ti the terminal…

Rating: 7/10

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