Flight Review: 3K512 – BKK – SIN

I am sitting in aisle seat 7C on this Jetstar Asia Airbus A320 flight to Singapore. Upon sitting in my seat I notice how extremely cold the cabin is. Luckily I have my hoodie but even so it is still unnecessarily cold.

Two good things happen though.

1. It eventually warms up

2. As the door shuts I notice the row in front of me is empty. Bonus!

The seat has no amenities except for an inflight magazine and menu to purchase food. Not necessary for me as I have brought some snacks on board from the one and my fare includes a light ‘meal’ – a coffee and a chocolate muffin.

The flight is a little over 2 hours and I spend most of it watching the last couple of episodes of a new Korean drama I am watching on Vampires working in a cancer hospital. Sounds weird I know but it’s actually quite good 🙂

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