Flight Review: SQ975 – BKK – SIN

I have managed to secure an Emergency Exit seat on the Singapore Airlines A330-300aircraft bound for Singapore. It is interesting to note that as I enter the aircraft every flight attendant I Pass welcomes me onboard with a smile. Genuine, not scripted.

This seems to be a modern Aircraft with all the gadgets required in Economy – the only drawback with this seat is the AV screens are folded into the armrest meaning you cannot start watching anything until the seatbelt sign is extinguished. But I have a newspaper and Nat Geo magazine to flip through whilst the last passengers are boarding.

Oh – wow a hot towel service in Economy! Forgot about this / has been a few months since I last flew Singapore Airlines. Nice touch and very welcome! No blankets or pillows on the seats but I suppose we can ask for them if we want them.

There is a new safety video – really good and featuring someone I know – Mr. Johnston Chong as a dad putting on a life vest 🤪.

Whilst waiting for my meal I start to watch Pitch Perfect 3. Very funny.

Lunch is pretty delish – I choose the chilli fish with egg fried rice, French beans and carrots, which comes with a fried potato starter (not good), a roll and a Thai dessert. Superb. I also have a glass of red and a coffee.

It’s only a short 2-hour flight, but an excellent one.

Rating: 9/10

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