Flight Review:CX703 – HKG – BKK (Business Class Upgrade).

I arrive at the airport earlier than expected and request an earlier flight which is accepted BUT am told if I stay on the original flight I will receive an upgrade to Business Class. No brainer – I accept!

I am sitting in Business class seat 23D – a window seat, on this 1-2-1 configuration Boeing B777-309ER Cathay Pacific aircraft. I have no idea why I was upgraded – and a double-upgrade at that on a cheap discount Economy ticket – I am only OneWorld Gold, but hey, I’m not complaining! This is awesome! The funny that is my upgrade bid to Premium Economy was denied. Strange…..

The space is huge! So many compartments I don’t know where to start! As the seat converts into a fully flat-bed, I will skip any movies and take a nap after my meal. After the towel and drink service pre-take-off, the menu is handed out and I choose the Beef stroganoff, green beans, and buttered spaetzle which comes with ice cream for dessert. I also go for a Red Mommessin Morgan 2016 and a non-alcoholic coconut water (first time on a plane!).

Flight attendants are amazing – phenomenal service throughout!

After watching 4 episodes of ‘Modern Family’ sleep takes me and I extend my seat to a full flat bed for about 45 mins before being woken up for landing.

We arrive late 😦

Rating: 9/10 (it was a free upgrade!)

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