Flight Review: CX750 – BKK – HGK

I am sitting in a secluded cabin, seat 39H, the first row behind Business with only 3 rows, on this Cathay Pacific Airbus A330-300 Aircraft bound for Hong Kong. The seats are very comfortable / mine being the first row is a little restrictive with the armrest not moving and the tray table inside, but that’s ok as I have additional legroom and the seat has a comfy built-in headrest.

I sit back and begin watching, ‘Goodbye Christopher Robin’ based on the life of A. A. Milne. It’s pretty good.

Lunch service shortly follows and today I choose the ‘Thai-style’ chicken. It’s very garlicky but not inedible. There is also fruit and Haagen-Daaz chocolate ice cream.

Service is excellent – food and drinks served with a smile, and very few annoying mid-flight announcements.

Rating: 8/10

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