Flight Review: VN612 – BKK – HAN

I am the last to board – and far back in seat 40C (!?) on this SkyTeam Vietnam Airlines Airbus A321 aircraft bound for Hanoi.

Surprisingly, there seems to be more legroom than on Thai Airways and Singapore Airlines. So this compensates a row towards the back.

The aircraft does not provide individual AV screens but there are drop down screens from the ceiling showing the usual comedies. I opt for my book – “The Turin Shroud Secret” which I picked up in the Maldives. It’s a good read and gets my head out of my iPad for once.

Before we take off, a flight attendant comes around handing out moist towelettes – a nice touch for Economy Class. And this is just the beginning.

The meal comes around about 45 minutes into the flight (being towards the back of the cabin) and we are offered a choice of fish with rice or chicken with noodles. I go for the chicken and glad I did as it is surprisingly delicious. And plentiful with a Thai seafood salad entree and sticky rice and red bean dessert. And a full bar service followed by tea and coffee.

On booking this cheap fare on Vietnam Airlines I hadn’t considered we would receive a meal, let along alcohol and huge blankets and super friendly service. And I have no SkyTeam status.

Vietnam Airlines – I am impressed.

Rating: 8.5/10

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