Flight Review: MI482 – SIN – MLE

Excited to be flying to the Maldives! Not excited about my seat – 7C on this squashy Airbus A320 Silk Air aircraft. And 4.5 hours at that. My poor partner is squashed in the middle between me and another guy in this 3×3 economy cabin.

One design floor is that SilkAir offers inflight wifi streaming movies which you can watch via your own smart device, but there are not sockets to charge your device, therefore on a 4.5 hour flight, your battery will drain quickly, leaving you with zero entertainment options for the remainder of the flight.

About an hour into the flight the meal service comes around. I have ordered a non-seafood meal (not sure why) and it turns out to be a Mexican roast chicken dish. Pretty bland but better than the fish or chicken standard meal as mine comes with fruit. All receive an ice cream.

I am a bit tired from a late arrival and early departure so try and sleep for a little while before I watch a movie.

As it turns out I sleep the whole flight and don’t end up watching a movie. Time certainly has flown by!

Service (whilst I am awake) is very friendly. Wouldn’t say ‘as smooth as silk’ but nice.

Rating: 7/10

Oh – and my bag arrived (see previous post).

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