Flight Review: PG784 – TLV – SAW

Pegasus Airlines is a low cost Turkish Airline that flies into Istanbul's second airport (SAW).

I am sitting in seat 8D, an aisle seat, on this small Boeing 737-800 series aircraft.

The seat is small, not much legroom, and does not recline. There is no entertainment (even no overhead screen), and nothing is included. As always, I have my iPad to keep me entertained on this 2 hour flight from Tel Aviv.

About 30 minutes into the flight the pay-for meal service comes around and I order a baguette sandwich and Coke Zero. This sets me back 11 Euro. It is tasty but the bread is a bit stale.

After one episode of my drama on my iPad the 'landing soon' announcement lights up and I out my stuff away.

Service is friendly and efficient.

Rating: 6/10

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