Lounge Review: Royal Crown Lounge, Amman International Airport

Flying Business class on Royal Jordanian Airlines gives me access to this lounge.

It is 5am in the morning and have just off my flight from Bangkok and looking forward to a hot shower before boarding my next flight to Tel Aviv. As I check-in I ask where the showers are and am told they are chargeable at USD $15. I decline.

The lounge is huge and has a lovely view of the shops below. Because of the architectural layout, it is quite echoey, and I am in constant pain from a screeching child somewhere below.

More importantly is the food. Not much variety but a delicious assortment of Middle Eastern breakfast delicacies. I store up on Hummus, Labena, and delicious savoury croissants 🥐. Two double-Espressos later, and I am done.

Wifi is strong, and the service staff are very friendly, and seem to take great pride in whatever they are doing. A nice change from the bored, mundane faces I usually see in the Bangkok lounges.

I spend about an hour here before going to the gate to board.

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