Flight Review: PG710: MDL – BKK

Bangkok Airways provides passengers in all classes access to their own ‘Blue Ribbon’ lounge at most airports which is a fantastic service. The lounge staff in Mandalay Airport are friendly, the food is good, and the atmosphere is more like a pub with Top 40 music being piped through the speakers.

Once onboard, I make my way to a window seat, which is unusual for me, 8A in Economy. I was originally in 8C, an aisle seat, and requested at check-in for a seat closer to the front. But that obviously got lost in translation, and instead I got the same row but a window 😳. So as the door shuts I throw my bag over to the seats in front and claim them for myself, as luckily they are empty.
The meal is pretty standard – a seafood rice dish, salad, and a cappuccino cake. The red wine is the winner and I grab a couple of glasses whilst I watch downloads from my iPad.
The service isn’t as great as I had anticipated;  the airline calls itself, “Asia’s Boutique Airline”. I really didn’t get that feeling.

Rating: 6.5/10

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