Hotel Review: Savills Shenzhen

This is my first time staying at this brand and I am very impressed! After a very smooth and friendly check-in I am escorted to my suite on the 23rd floor by a member of the concierge department. As the door opens I notice a staircase! I can’t believe it…it is a 2-storey, 1-bedroom HUGE apartment with balcony and everything from washing machine, rice-cooker, oven, and all amenities you could possibly dream of.

After putting all of my bits and pieces in place, and opening ever cupboard door on both floors, I make my way to the gym, sauna, and steam room on the 2nd floor, which is very well decked out with heaps of new equipment. The steam room is strong, and the shower and amenities very good.

Needless to say I sleep very well in my bedroom on the second floor.

Breakfast the next morning is included, and I am the only one here. The restaurant is a ‘resident’s lounge’, so nicely padded out and a choice of Western, Chinese, or Japanese set menu plus limited buffet. I go for the Western set which is huge.

Shenzhen is booming at the moment, and the choice of accommodation is growing. This is a good choice for those that want all the reminders of home.

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