Lounge Review: DNATA, Changi, T3

Due to the late departure time of our Qatar Air flight to Doha (2.25am) we are only given 15 minutes in the OneWorld Qantas International Lounge at Changi T1. Enough time for a quick glass of celebratory sparking white. At the stroke of 11.30pm we leave and take the shuttle to T3 where we enter the DNATA lounge – the OneWorld lounge for Business/ First Class passengers.

It’s nothing compared to the Qantas Lounge but provides some respite from walking around aimlessly for the next 2+ hours.

Being so late there is nothing in particular I want to eat but nibble on a couple of carrot sticks and hummus and babaganush dip paired with a glass of red.

I desperately want to watch an episode of Empire season 2 but the wifi is crap so I download a copy of the Canberra Times instead whilst waiting for the boarding call…

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