Hotel’ Review: Kyukamura Resort, Okunoshima, Japan

Well, this is my first ‘camping’ review and hopefully my last. All rooms were overbooked thus camping was our only choice. For YEN 6000 + including breakfast and dinner per person, I would have thought we would receive sheets, pillows, and towels, but alas no, just a pre-erected tent and a blue ground sheet. 

Okunoshima is a small island about 2 hours from Hiroshima by public transport inhabited by thousands of rabbits. Hence its second name, Rabbit Island. But that is not its only appeal. It has stunning views from numerous vantage points.
Back to the tents. So there are 3 of us with all our luggage squashed into an empty tent. After a swift complaint we receive pillows and blankets from the hotel 250 meters away that runs the campsite. Note: it is 30+ degrees Celsius so the blankets are not required, but we use them as bed sheets on top of which we sleep. I guess this is nature at its best, camping under the stars surrounded by rabbits. Lots of rabbits.

Dinner in the evening consists of a crowded buffet, as does breakfast in the morning. 
We board the ferry at 9.20am probably never to return.

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