Flight Review: SQ943 – DPS – SIN

I really enjoy the shorter Business class flights – great seat, great food, and a quick movie…well, usually anyway.

The seat on this A330-300 is the old Business class model, so doesn’t fully recline, but that is no problem as I am not tired and don’t need to sleep on this short 2.5 hour flight.


Service is spot-on, except my post-drink order which is the wrong one. It’s funny how when you order something other then their signature Singapore Sling, they always needs to check the ingredients on your menu before preparing it.


I can’t remember the movie I watch, but the food is not up to scratch. The Indonesian Lamb dish is very bland, and I find myself adding salt which is something I never do. The garlic bread, crab entrée, and mango cake is a winner though!

Rating: 6.5/10


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