Flight review: SQ618 – SIN – KIX

I am extremely lucky that I have 2 empty seats next to me in row 35 on this Airbus A330-300 bound for Osaka. Nonetheless, facing forward it is very tight, with little leg room.

 The flight itself is fairly hassle free. I receive the obligatory hot towels and post take-off drink (I choose Singapore Sling) which is served with peanuts.

 I pre-order a Kosher meal. Unfortunately the roll is cold but the grilled salmon is piping hot. Other than the roll, it’s not too bad, but the food everyone else is receiving actually looks better – especially the Japanese menu. I might cancel my Kosher meal for the flight back.

I watch a couple of movies, manage a short sleep, and I arrive refreshed. All in all it is a satisfactory flight.
Rating: 7/10

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