Hotel review: Hilton Narita

There is no shuttle bus from the Hilton Tokyo to the Hilton Narita so I take a Limousine Bus to the airport and then a shuttle to the hotel. Seems like a journey but it is about 90 mins door to door.

The hotel is adjacent to Narita village and seems to be set upon a small hill, giving limited views to the airport and runway.

Upon check-in I am upgraded to a Deluxe-Plus Queen room in the top (12th) floor. It is small compared to the suites I usually am upgraded to but it is adequate for a night’s stay. Walking to the room though I get a sense that this hotel hasn’t had a refurb since the 1980s and smells a bit like a nursing home.

Nonetheless service is generally friendly yet occasionally swift – I guess due to the large amount of flight crew that stay here and all the dramas that come along with that guest demographic that the hotel staff need to out up with 🙂

The Japanese-style ‘Sento’ – bathroom within the gym and pool complex is traditional, to say the least, and the 25 metre 4-lane pool is one of the best I have seen (and used) at any hotel.

I sleep soundly and enjoy an early breakfast in the cafe filled with an assortment of airline crew before I board the bus to the airport.





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