Flight Review: MH2529 – KUC – KUL

Super excited when I board the plane and see small TVs at the back of every seat! Even more excited when I see I have been placed in an Emergency Exit row, seat 12F, on this Boeing B737-800 refurbished aircraft. The plane is only about 30% full, so I can actually sit anywhere.

The flight time is 90 mins which is perfect to catch a quick movie from the limited, yet adequate movies on demand. The movie I choose is a recommended French film, a comedy called, ‘Me, Myself, and Mum’.

During the movie dinner service is brought out and from a choice of chicken and fish, I go for the chicken which is an unusual Malay-style burrito served with a piece of layered ‘Lapis’ cake.

The movie ends, the plane lands, and I make my way to the lounge where I wait for the next 3.5 hours for my final leg home to Singapore.

Rating: 7.5/10






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