Flight Review: BA16 – SYD – SIN

Surprising easy 7 and a bit hour flight to Singapore in this British Airways refurbished Premium Economy cabin. Seats 23K and J are in the second row of this private cabin in a 2-4-2 configuration.

We are welcomed onboard with a choice of OJ or water. As I make myself comfortable into my oversized PE seat, I notice that the seats are larger than Qantas and seem to be ‘newer’ as well.

After take-off the menu comes around – only a choice of 2 dishes but when it does arrive I am surprised at how delicious my main meal is – Char-grilled fillet of beef with brandy sauce, pumpkin and rosemary galette, green beans and capsicum – yummo. As I am still recovering from the flu, I wash it down with half a glass of white.

I watch a couple of movies from BA’s extensive choice – ‘Frozen’ (finally) and ‘Robocop’. The comfy seats with generous recline allow me a good 3 hour’s sleep, and then wake up to a David Attenborough doco just before we land.

A really good flight – am starting to enjoy BA – better than SQ and QF for me at the moment thanks to their cheap fares, friendly attendants, delicious food, and better seats.

Rating: 8.5/10





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