Flight Review: BA00015 – SIN – SYD

The refurbished cabin on this Boeing 777-300 is clean, crisp, and inviting. The economy class seats are comfortable, with in-built AV screens comparable to Singapore Airlines.

My seat, 29H, is one of only 4 seats in economy with no seat in front, therefore giving maximum foot space for no additional ‘Emergency Exit’ fees applicable. In other words whereas my row has 3 seats, the row in front only has 2 seats – a middle and window (and I am in an aisle seat).

Having eaten in the lounge, I am not overly hungry when dinner comes around which is lucky as the braised chicken and noodles is not overly appealing.

I had been hoping to get some sleep on this flight but there are 3 sets of toddlers in the rows surrounding me which equates to an orchestra of screams and crying throughout the entire flight.

Breakfast is a box containing a chocolate chip muffin, strawberry yogurt, OJ, and coffee.

The flight attendants are pleasant enough.

Rating: 3/10 – not really the fault of the airline but crying kids drive me (and everyone else in the cabin) nuts. A pair of earplugs brought around by the flight attendants might have helped.







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