Flight Review: KL836 – DPS – SIN

Yippee! Spend about $180 and get an upgrade to Business Class with partner on this KLM flight back to Singapore! And the seat is a ‘nearly’ flatbed with inbuilt massager (albeit a little weak).

As soon as we board we are offered juice, water, or Champagne, and of course we take the latter 🙂

Next comes the ‘limited edition’ amenity pack by Victor Rolf (a Dutch designer?) with standard amenities. Won’t be using it on this short 2H20M flight but have a long haul in economy coming up so will use it with that.

Post take-off we receive a warm moist scented towel and the menu, which is a limited choice of 5-spiced duck or lyonnaise beef – which I choose. Partner chooses Duck which is better than my choice…..

The movie I am trying to watch is totally weird, about a man held as a hostage for 20 years, so I switch it off and try to rest for the remainder of the flight.

Rating: 7/10 (I didn’t really like my meal and the attendants were not that friendly)…..







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