Flight Review: SQ 972 – SIN – BKK

The flight is very pleasant – half empty (or half full depending on how you see it), with the usual attentive service one would expect from the SQ flight crew.

I am in seat 36A – the first row in economy and a bulkhead row, so I have additional leg room.

The hot towel service comes out quickly followed by the meal service.
Today I have ordered a Kosher meal – far superior to the standard meals on offer and much larger as well. Usually ‘special’ meals come out first, but this comes out about 25 mins after the standard meals due to the heavy foil wrapped around the main – salmon with egg rice and vegetables; and this taking extra time to hear up. It is well worth the wait and is delicious.

I don’t watch any movies on this relatively short 2 hour flight, instead I decide on 3 episodes of ‘Modern Family’ – a winner!

Rating: 8/10




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