Hotel Review: Simply Life Hotel, Taipei

Terrible – the only word to describe this hotel. Tiny, and I mean tiny rooms,
some unfriendly staff, and the most unhygienic breakfast I have ever seen.

This hotel is more like a hostel or dormitory with paper thin walls and the basic of basic amenities. Noise goes straight through the walls.

The only thing going for it is the bed which is comfortable but alas, the constant stream of noise keeps me awake all night, the free cable TV, and the free wireless internet.

The breakfast is a joke. The picture gives it justice. The cord for the toaster is plugged into the socket in the toilet next to the breakfast bench and of course the door doesn’t close so there is the stench of toilet greeting you as you attempt to butter your toast on a piece of tissue paper as there are no plates. Oh – and no milk either (for breakfast)!

As this was purchased on at an advanced purchase rate, I am unable to cancel and move elsewhere. I am disappointed at for marketing this ‘hotel’ deceivingly.

Disgusting stay and NOT recommended!




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