Flight Review: SQ876 – SIN – TPE

I am in seat 36F, on this 2-3-2 configuration Singapore Airlines flight to Taipei. The rows seem to be a bit narrower on this flight for some reason…feeling a tad bit squashed.

Having just got off another SQ flight from Bangalore there is nothing more to add to this one except that the food was amazing! I pre-ordered a Kosher meal for fun and it is superb! Succulent baked salmon on vegetable rice as a main, with a smoked trout pasta salad on the side, a warm soft wholemeal bread roll, crackers, fruit salad, and a most delicious chocolate mousse! I look at the guy next to me and his meal is half the size (quiet smirk…).

Still very tired from all this flying so after 2 episodes of ‘Revolution’, I pop on my eye shades and fall asleep uninterrupted until an announcement that we are 30 mins to landing.

Hot tip: order a ‘Kosher’ meal on your next flight – doesn’t cost any extra, and you will be surprised!

Rating: 8/10



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