Flight Review: CX715 – HKG – SIN

Although I am flying Business Class on 38,000 Qantas Frequent Flyer points, this Cathay Pacific airplane is OLD! The seat only reclines a little way back, comparable to Premium Economy on their newer aircraft.

And my personal video screen doesn’t work. The flight attendant says there is either only video or audio (no interactive) as ‘the plane is old and uses videos’ which he points out to me at the back of the cabin. Yet the screen states ‘Interactive system loading. Please wait’ !? It never ends up working 😦 The flight attendant apparently has asked the passengers behind me to swap seats with them so I can watch a movie but as it is non-interactive, I would have missed the first 40 mins of all the movies so there is no point. Also I am buggered from flying 8.5 hours already today – the last thing I want to do is start moving around the cabin.

The meal service begins literally within 20 mins of take-off. Impressive. Qantas took 2 hours to defrost and reheat my toasted sandwich last week 🙂 The food on this flight is delicious. The entree is a large King prawn served on a bed of Soba noodles with garlic bread and a green salad (and other garnishes). For my main I choose the masala fish curry on Jasmine rice. Both courses are delicious. I finish the meal off with a cheese platter, marble cake, and Hong Kong Milk Tea.

As I have no entertainment and the only magazine offerings are Time Magazine and The Economist, there is nothing else I can do on this 4 hour flight but sleep.

Disappointed. But got a USD 100 duty free voucher for the trouble 🙂

Rating: 4.5/10






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