Flight Review QF127: SYD-HK

The A380 is a massive piece of technology from take-off to landing.
The initial annoyance at having to queue from the air bridge to actually get into the aircraft for around 10 mins is quickly suppressed by the sheer ‘awesomeness’ of this flying bird.

Seat 80A is one of those rare magical seats on the A380 that don’t cost any extra, but has all the leg room you could need – with no seat or bulkhead in front. It is directly behind 2 emergency exits seats but for some reason the configuration doesn’t have a seat next to the door – i.e. 79A is non existent – just a void.

Great recline for Economy class on the A380 so I sit back and watch one of the 18 new releases starring Jack Gyllanhal.

The first meal service come after an hour or so of the 8hr 45min flight and although it sounds delicious, the taste is somewhat different. The feta, sun dried tomato, and rocket salad works, as does the Shiraz and surprisingly soft, fresh roll, but the main beef Ragu, mash, ad boiled veges needs work. A further meal service of vegetarian pizza came an hour prior to landing.

An hour after lunch service hot chocolate with marshmallows is served. A nice touch.

Unfortunately thing turn sour a couple of hours later – one female flight attendant seems to have chip on her shoulder and doesn’t seem to want to be flying today. No smile, stiff service, she ruins the atmosphere. Also no cup noodles – apparently anywhere on the plane. I am told as this is the ‘SYD – HK’ leg, I need to get in quick. There is also a mountain of rubbish on the tray table next to me. I am not sure what the flight attendants are doing but they seem too busy doing nothing in the galley to do regular rubbish checks.

Disappointing Qantas…

Getting off this mammoth is a toll as well. Has been 10 mins and still no movement…

Rating: 6/10




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