Sakura Business Lounge, Narita International Airport

This is truly a fabulous lounge. And one of the biggest – if not the biggest I have been in. It is a massive two-level space with your choice of stairs, escalators, and/or lifts to take you from one floor to the next.

The ground floor has 2 bars, with a great choice of alcoholic beverages including champagne and sake. There is a large business centre, 6 electric massage chairs in a darkened area, a free massage service offering full back, head and shoulders, and reflexology ‘courses’.

The 1st floor is the restaurant. I enjoy a glass of Kirin beer from a unique little beer pouring machine, JAL branded beef curry, and other Japanese delights.

The only drawback is the wifi, a little slower then I would have expected in a country where technology is so far ahead of the rest of the world. Even the toilets in the lounge are fully automatic with washlet, bidet, and heated seat!








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