Flight Review: DJ 555 – SYD – PER

Flight DJ555 from Sydney to Perth is delayed by approximately 35 mins, due to, we are assured, Sydney Airport Authority only opening one runway. Not to worry, before long we are up in the air, with our ‘Red’ interactive multimedia personal screens on.

I am excited to hear a new announcement that all economy passengers will be receiving complimentary hot meals (a choice of beef and mushroom sauce; and a vegetarian ravioli), complemented with wine, beer, or soft drinks.

Excitement quickly dissipates when I receive my beef…dried wholewheat bread roll, processed rice, peas and beef covered in a processed mushroom sauce.

I’m only one row behind Business Class, maybe I can sneak a quick peek of what they are getting?

But hey, it’s included – I shouldn’t complain. Although I’d have to say Qantas’ fare is tastier.

Luckily I had lounge access before I boarded so filled up on muesli, a boiled egg, rice cracker, fresh fruit salad, and a barista-made coffee.

Movie selection is good, but the speakers we receive are not good, so I flick through a few without actually watching anything.

Oh – cabin was freezing for the first hour. I asked the flight attendant to increase the temperature and soon after it was toasty and comfortable.

Rating: 7/10



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