Flight Review: NZ846 – SYD – WEL

Flight NZ 846 is an Airbus A320. For some reason or another my window seat, 4A, is a ‘Works’ seat which gives me free movies (I always have to purchase if I choose to watch) and a meal! The strange this is my fare class is ‘Saver’ which only provides a seat and bag. Why, I wonder, am I receiving all these extras? Upon boarding the plane, a select few, including myself, are offered a pair of noise-canceling headphones and a newspaper. I gladly accept the headphones sit back, and begin to watch the 2012 remake of the Shwartznegger (?) classic, “Total Recall”. So so – I prefer the original.

The meal is nothing special. I choose the hot option – a chicken sausage, fried potatoes (it’s the weekend), and scrambled eggs (same as in the lounge). I match this with a sneaky glass of sparkling.

A seamless flight. Pleasant service. Amazingly funny and innovative emergency video featuring ‘Hobbits’ and other characters from ‘Lord of the Rings’.

Rating: 8/10


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