Virgin Lounge, T2, Sydney domestic

Gold and Platinum members departing from Sydney are able to take advantage of the priority entrance towards the end of the terminal. I arrived an hour early and checked in onto an earlier flight (never an issue with Virgin – almost always impossible with Qantas). The only disadvantage with the priority check-in service is you are almost guaranteed to be searched as there is only one X-ray unit and the staff seem very bored and and are desperate to search as many passengers as possible. And every time I am asked the same question by the same person, “Have you done this before sir?” I smile a shy, “Yes, I have.” (Stupid question really considering only Gold and Platinum members can use this service and to get to this level you have to fly a lot)!

Anyway, I enter the lounge and as always it is bright, spacious, friendly smiles everywhere, and has really good food. Today I tuck into falafel balls with humous, salad, pumpkin soup, and finish off with a barista-made coffee.

Rating: 7/10

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