Paradise Spoilt

On an early morning walk yesterday I found it a terrible shame to see so much rubbish washed up onto the beach. It was about 6.30am and was surprised to see it scattered with rubbish – bottles (glass and plastic), tea and coffee sachets, milk cartons, and even a gasoline container!! I think I must have spent an hour trolling the beach picking up about 40 items (some in the pic below). Wrote to the hotel manager and he replied:

“Thank you for your feedback and appreciate your time taken. I am happy to read that you and Tony are enjoying your stay with us. Rubbish is a big concern in the country, the empty bottles and others are thrown into the sea by safari boats or dumped from other islands which eventually reaches our lagoon. I can ensure that our team is cleaning the beaches every morning, I believe the team had not reached to your end yet. However thank you for your feedback.”

Sad to think cruise ships are destroying nature.


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