Lounge Review: Silverkris, Changi T3

It’s been around 8 months since I was last at an airport, let alone in a lounge. Today my partner and I are flying to Taipei, Taiwan, in Business Class on Singapore Airlines, hence access to this lounge.

The atmosphere is ‘Chrismassy’, with that awful lounge music playing just a little bit too loudly over the speakers. And it is dark, quiet, and quite literally dead.

A very empty lounge

Not overly hungry, but eager to try something to eat, I order one of the 5 sets available (no buffet or self-service, except drinks). I choose the breakfast set via the e-menu. There are also plastic models of the sets if you don’t believe the pictures on the e-menu 👍.

Plastic models of available food

Overall I think it would have been more fun to explore the heavily discounted items in the duty free stores rather than coming to this lounge.

I wonder when I’ll be back…

2 thoughts on “Lounge Review: Silverkris, Changi T3

  1. We have had a few very good meals in Silver Kris lounge, with many varied countries to select from. However this was BC. Perhaps society has been spoilt prior to BC(before Covid) and now we must start from the beginning and not be so spoilt, go back to times after WW2 and start over afresh and value everything good around us and appreciate that we are among the living and life will get better again than perhaps it was BC.

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