Flight Review: ‪S90043‬ – DME – LED

As a OneWorld Sapphire member I am given seat 1C on this Siberian Airlines Airbus A319 flight from Moscow to St Petersburg. I am lucky it is delayed as my arrival flight was also delayed out of BKK and I make this by a hairline. And unfortunately fall rushing to the gate and hurt both hands quite badly.

Shortly after takeoff two flight attendants come around with a trolley and offer cheese or chicken sandwiches and a drink. None of the 3 passengers to the right of me take so I think maybe there is a cost. I ask if it is free and am told ‘chicken or cheese?’. I ask again and I thought she says, ‘$4.50’ but it turns out she is saying ‘for free’. Not understanding I decline only to look back and see people are receiving without handing over cash. I am embarrassed so leave it at that until they finish the whole cabin and go to the back and apologise and ask for my cheese sandwich and coffee 🙂 after all that effort its not that great 😦

Other than that the flight is hassle free and I am thankful I got on (thinking I was going to miss it I actually cancelled the booking before I left BKK but luckily printed the boarding pass which was honored at the gate).

Rating: 8/10 (under the circumstances)

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