New Lounge alert 🚨! Miracle First Class Lounge, opposite Gate D6, BKK

Special thanks to my partner for sharing the location of this fabulous new lounge which you can enter with a non-Thailand issued JCB card.

This lounge is brand spanking new, and beats all other lounges – especially the Thai Air lounges at this airport. Smiling, friendly staff, immaculate ‘shiny-new’ condition, a la carte menu (Yes!!!) and sparkling Rose wine!

Even though I am flying Shenzhen Air on an Economy ticket with zero status, Incan enter this lounge due to holding a Singapore-based JCB supplementary card. It’s that easy! And the card is free! They are giving away access to this lounge – crazy!!

I am ushered to the dining room where there is a delicious array of hot and cold food; sushi, salads, hot chicken, pork, and beef dishes, and a ‘made-to-order’ noodle bar including duck, chicken, and Pad Thai.

And….a cake buffet! Heaven.

Alcohol galore! One of the waiters notices I have finished my sparkling Rose and comes around with a top up. Hello – this never happens at any lounges at this airport.

The lounge also offers strong wifi, showers, and separate relaxation areas.

This is my new ‘home’ at Bangkok International airport.


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